Friday, November 21, 2008

END THE FED Protest Rally 11-22-08

END THE FED" Protest Rally 11-22-08
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Tomorrow on November 22,2008, I will be attending a protest rally in Buffalo, NY in front of the Federal Reserve Building. Similar rallies will be held simultaneously in 38 cities across the country from Los Angeles to New York City. This event is expected to draw thousands. Unfortunately but predictably none of the local media chose to cover this event beforehand. I doubt very much that it will receive much attention at all no matter how many people attend. Protesting the Federal Reserve Act is not considered “politically correct”.

A new president has just been elected whose rallying call was “change”, the economy coincidently being the number one issue on the American people’s minds. Every day the newspapers tell depressing stories of the stock market tumbling, 401k’s diminishing, foreclosures, layoffs, outsourcing and unemployment Along comes a group seeking change, economic change,a real solution to the economic woes of this entire country and neither the Democrat and Chronicle or any of the TV stations chose to give the movement any media coverage.

The people protesting the Federal Reserve Act are calling for the unconstitutional law to be repealed. They want the United States Government to take back it’s constitutional right and responsibility to print and regulate money from the private corporation that it was relinquished to in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was illegally signed into law. The mere act of printing their own money instead of paying TRILLIONS of dollars in interest to a private corporation (THE FEDERAL RESERVE) would have prevented any potential deficit or debt to the United States Government. That is their claim. That is what you will discover if you are one of the few who will actually take the time and educate themselves.

Right or wrong, I deem this group, who are willing to fight (peaceably protest) for what they believe in, in all sorts of weather, newsworthy!

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