Monday, September 15, 2008


In case you're not quite convinced that you shouldn't drink the water because of the dangers of fluoride alone, then the article in today's paper may change your mind. According to the article, Drugs contaminating U.S. drinking water, "U.S. hospitals and long-term care facilities annually flushed millions of pounds of unused pharmaceuticals down the drain pumping contaminants into America's drinking water, according ongoing Associated Press investigation."
Much of the pharmaceutical waste is unmetabolized medicine that is flushed into the sewers and waterways through human excretion. Add to that, up to 250 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste dumped into the sewers by hospitals and other health-care facilities. Hospital waste is particularly laden with both germs and antibiotics.
"In tests of waste water retrieved near other European hospitals and one in Davis County, UT, scientists were able to link drug dumping to virulent antibiotic resistant germs and genetic mutations that may promote cancers"..." the Environmental Protection Agency is considering whether to impose the first national standard for how much drug waste may be released into the waterways by the medical services industry"
Hospitals and other health care providers regularly dump unused medicine into the sewers, regular citizens do the same. Big business also dumps millions of pounds of toxic chemicals into our waterways. Furthermore most municipalities purposely add fluoride to our drinking water even though it is a known toxin.
Do yourself a favor. Don't drink the tap water.

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