Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I reread this book today and I was just amazed at the things that our government admits to. In 1975, President Gerald Ford commissioned Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller to investigate abuses committed by the CIA. The Commission, headed by Nelson Rockefeller (Illuminati) was directed to determine whether any domestic CIA activities exceeded the Agency's statutory authority and to make appropriate recommendations.

The book deals with a number of specific abuses including spying on American citizens, alleged plans to assassinate foreign leaders and conducting"Human Experiments" with LSD and other drugs on unsuspecting citizens. I would like to share a few excerpts from this report.

pg. 4 Government Must Obey the Law "The individual liberties of American citizens depend on government observance of the law" Whenever the activities of a government agency exceed it's authority, individual liberty may be impaired.

pg 8. "we believe that these countries can monitor and record thousands of private telephone conversations. Americans have a right to be uneasy if not seriously disturbed at the real possibility that their personal and business activities which they discuss freely over the telephone could be recorded and analyzed by agents of foreign powers"

Apparently this right to be disturbed only applies when other governments spy on us, not our own!

pg. 9 Summary of Charges and Findings

1. "Large scale spying on American citizens"

2. "Keeping dossiers on large numbers of American citizens"

3. "Aiming these activities at Americans who have expressed their disagreement with various government policies."

- "Had intercepted and opened mail in the United States for 20 years"

-"Had infiltrated domestic dissident groups"

-"Had engaged in illegal wiretaps and break-ins"

Get the picture? This Report is almost 300 pages long. The CIA was caught doing all kinds of illegal things. The Commission was assembled to appease the outcries of the American people. Recommendations were made but it it quite obvious that they were never followed, nor was their ever any penalty. This was over 30 years ago. Imagine what they are doing today.

If you get the opportunity, read this book. Once you realize what your government is capable of, other things will be much easier to understand.

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