Saturday, September 20, 2008


What is all the fuss about "The Government" having to bail out the "Banksters" ? To me, it seemed like a pretty good deal. The Federal Reserve (not really the government) just bailed out AIG by giving them an 85 billion dollar loan. In exchange for this loan, the Federal Reserve received a 79.9% stake in the company. Did you get that? The Federal Reserve now owns 79.9% of AIG.

The stated purpose for the buyout (loan), was to give AIG adequate time to sell off it's assets. The Democrat and Chronicle stated that AIG's assets were approximately 1 trillion dollars. So when AIG is done selling it's assets, The Federal Reserves' share of the proceeds will be in the neighborhood of 800 billion dollars. (79.9% x 1trillion) Not a bad profit. 715 Billion dollar profit for the Federal Reserve on this transaction alone. If the Federal Reserve is not allowed to make a profit, this should be great news for the taxpayer. Call me a skeptic, but for some reason I do not envision the taxpayer making out on this deal.

This whole deal is reminiscent of THE IMF International Monetary Fund, which is also made up of International Bankers, taking control of third world countries by granting them loans. Take for instance when the IMF was going to lend Indonesia 20 billion dollars a few years ago to ward off bankruptcy. Indonesia's first response was an outright refusal to take the loan from the IMF. The stated reason for refusing the loan was that "accepting the loan would be tantamount to "GIVING UP THEIR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY." In the end they took the loan because they had no other choice.

International Bankers are in business to make money. The Federal Reserve System was designed by International Bankers and is owned by International Bankers. If you doubt this then you can wait by your mailbox for your share of the 715 Billion Dollar profit that the Federal Reserve stands to make from AIG.

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