Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Drink the Water

I recently had the opportunity to view a movie called "the fluoride deception " with Christopher Bryson, the author of the book The Fluoride Deception. Now, after living in Rochester, NY, my whole life, I knew that our drinking water was not the cleanest, but I had no idea.

What I discovered was that the fluoride in our water is not the same kind of fluoride that is good for your teeth, nor is it the same kind of fluoride that is found naturally in water. The fluoride that is in our drinking water is a highly toxic chemical that has been added, it apparently comes from smokestack scrubbers that produce phosphate fertilizer. Studies have shown that there is absolutely no benefit derived from fluoride being added to our water supply. Quite the contrary!

Among other things, consumption of FLUORIDE from drinking water makes you RETARDED! Fluoride lowers your IQ, is used to make anti-psychotic drugs and is being used "deliberately to dumb down the masses". It is a known fact that the CIA spent many years experimenting with many different ways to control human behavior.

Between controling the media and Hollywood, getting half the population hooked on drugs, prescription or otherwise and drugging the rest of the population with fluoride, the NWO elite are effectively contolling human behavior. If you don't believe it, take a good look around and I DARE YOU TO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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