Sunday, October 26, 2008

An open Letter to Sandra Frankel, Brighton Town Supervisor

An open letter to Sandra Frankel, Brighton town Supervisor
Posted 10/26/2008 6:17 PM EDT on

A Question of Discernment
I fully recognize your right as an individual to use the Democrat and Chronicle Blog to endorse any candidate of your choice, but as an elected official, I also felt a compelling obligation as a citizen to question your discernment. You mention that you campaigned in Scranton, Ohio for Presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004. This statement is made as if it were a “badge of honor”. I have only one question for you, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE SATANIC FRATERNITY CALLED THE “SKULL AND BONES” ? John Kerry is a known member of this organization. There are only 2 possible answers to this question. Either answer you choose raises questions as to your discernment and will necessitate a further explanation, which is obviously the purpose of my blog.

If your answer is no, then you would appear to be guilty of endorsing a political candidate for only the shallow reason that you share the same political party affiliation and that you couldn’t be bothered to find out even a minimal amount of information about your candidate before you endorse or campaign for him. This raises serious questions about your discernment.

If your answer is yes, then either you don’t believe the overwhelming amount of information about the Skull and Bones fraternity or you have chosen to disregard it as if membership in a Satanic Fraternity has no bearing on holding public office. If you claim the information about the satanic “Skull and Bones” fraternity is untrue or irrelevant, then you also have some explaining to do.

John Kerry was asked on national television about his membership in the “Skull and Bones”, click here to view is his response. Don’t you find this answer slightly odd given the severity of the accusation? Perhaps you care to explain how such a relatively small Fraternal organization produces three presidents, another presidential candidate and an unusually large amount of other government officials in influential positions despite the fact that the odds of mathematical probability would make this extremely unlikely if not impossible. Perhaps you feel that having “personal character” is not a prerequisite to holding an elected public office. Either way, your complete lack of knowledge or your complete lack of concern on this subject, (the Skull and Bones Satanic Fraternal Organization), raises serious questions about your discernment.

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