Monday, October 20, 2008

The Election

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Get over it already. It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever who wins this election. Your life is not going to change one bit no matter who wins. It will not be any better if your candidate wins or any worse if your candidate loses. The President of the United States does not have the authority to make any decision on his own that will affect your life. He will do exactly what he is told to do.

The outcome of this election has already been decided by people you have never even heard of. If you want to know who runs this country and every other country on the planet, follow the money. Find out who the international bankers are. Find out who owns the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank. Find out who this country owes $10 Trillion dollars to. Find out who collects $500 billion in interest EVERY YEAR from the US Government. Find out who controls the IMF (International Monetary Fund), these people can make entire countries change their laws as a precondition to getting necessary loans to keep their countries solvent.

The shadow government gives you a choice of two candidates that THEY PICKED NOT YOU. They will let you pick one of them so you can feel like you had a choice. In the last election you were allowed to choose from Skull and Bones member George Bush or Skull and Bones member John Kerry. Either way, the Skull and Bones won the Presidency. Usually you get the normal choice between two CFR members.

If you never heard of the CFR, the Skull and Bones or the IMF, it is probably because you watch too much TV. If your only source of information comes from either the TV or the newspaper, you are probably not qualified to vote anyway. You don't even have an opinion that you can call your own. The only thing you are qualified to do is regurgitate one or the other party lines.

This election is rather insignificant compared to the current financial crisis, which neither candidate can fix. When the "world leaders" meet sometime in the next couple of weeks to revise the Bretton Woods system that was devised in 1944, you will discover what is really important. They will not care who is President either as long as it is one of their own. If you think you have taken a financial beating in the last couple of weeks, wait a couple more and see what happens.

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