Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama's Illuminati Handshake

For all you people who voted for Obama because you wanted "change", don't hold your breath. While I certainly won't miss "Skull and Bones" member George Bush, don't think that Obama does not belong to the same fraternal organizations or at least take orders from them. The Illuminati/Freemasons have this quirky way of communicating with each other and identifying what level or rank they hold within their organizations. It is called the "secret handshake". It really isn't very secret any more but they still seem to enjoy using it.

Check out these pictures of Obama's graduation. The emphasis seems to be on the handshake, not the diploma. The tell tale sign of a masonic handshake is when one person places his thumb on the other person's knuckle. This is a very peculiar way to shake hands. Try it the next time that you shake someone's hand and decide for yourself whether or not it seems odd. The other strange thing about this picture is the very fact that it even exists. Do you have a picture of your own graduation handshake receiving your diploma?

Below are pictures of Masonic handshakes taken from Texe Marrs' book Codex Magica, page 159. I have the entire book on my website if you would like to check it out for yourself. There are several pages on Illuminati/Masonic handshakes. Here is the link.

Below is a popular book about Freemasonry. Please notice the handshake. Like I said previously, if you belong to one of these organizations and want to communicate that fact to some other person whom you suspect is also a member, then the "handshake" is very important.

Coincidentally, the "handshake" was also featured in the most recent edition of Newsweek. It is the Jan. 5, 2009 edition that identifies in their words, "THE NEW GLOBAL ELITE". Oh yeah, Obama's right eye is also darkened. See my blog, Right Eye Darkened.




guilhermelemmi said...

Great graphic material and post, thanks!

I also think it is curious that in the picture of Obama's graduation there's a letter G conveniently placed in the background, right above their hands.

As you know, G is the sacred letter for the freemasons as it represents the serpent eating its own tail, or oroboros or seal of solomon.

Cw said...

Oh yes guilhermelemmi, well spotted.

Another interesting observation, how do these photographers, take split second timing shots so vividly and accurately?

Anonymous said...

This is not Obama's graduation. Where is his cap and gown? Those girls in white look like teenagers standing in a high School gymnasium.

Nick said...

I wonder if the letter "G" in the background placed perfectly between the two was a "Coincidence" ... hhmm...let me think...